Drone shows can be used for various occasions, indeed almost any occasion, but they are generally more commonly used for businesses and local authorities. In general, spectators are able to see images of all kinds, ranging from simple geometric shapes to representations of people, animals, buildings, etc.

At Diffuse we go even further. We are reinventing the idea of the drone show to demonstrate that it is an undeniable artistic tool. We always strive to carefully program and choreograph to fly in harmony and tell a captivating story that touches the audience.

Easy to say, hard to do.

A great and moving drone light show requires a high level of artistic quality and a great deal of technical and human know-how.

As well as impeccable coordination between operators and technicians. The drones must be programmed to fly safely to avoid collisions with other objects and spectators. In addition, it is important to take into account the capabilities of the drones as well as the night flight restrictions and prohibited zones, in order to always ensure the safety of the public and participants.

The production of a drone show is generally divided into five phases:

• The Prologue: In the first phase, we hold a project discussion and conduct a feasibility study to determine the best solutions to realize the drone show.

The scripting: Next, we write the show scenario by making an administrative authorization request, carrying out a technical visit to assess the risks and analyzing the ways to manage them.

The staging: The production of the show is carried out by our creative workshop in co-creation with our client to guarantee an artistic creation that respects the client's expectations and wishes.

The rehearsal: The rehearsal is a full-scale rehearsal on our test ground to ensure the good artistic and technical execution of the show.

The show: On the day of the show, we secure the site, set up operational means, and perform the drone light show for a moment of magic and light.

In conclusion, drone shows offer a unique and fascinating visual experience for spectators of all ages. With amazing visual effects and captivating live performances, drone shows are a popular choice for events of all sizes.

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