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The name "Diffuse" echoes the company's purpose, what we want to reach. We want to diffuse emotions, pleasure and magic through our art, Drone Art.
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Let's push the limits of the imagination!

unique drone show

The specials

Creation of custom drone light shows, on a unique and specific date. 
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Recurring drone show

The collections

Creation of custom drone light shows, over several dates, which can be similar or different.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a drone display cost?

At Diffuse, each show is custom-designed, making it difficult to provide an approximate price range. Our shows start from 15,000€ excluding tax. With every show, we prioritize safety analysis, storyboard development, show conception, on-field implementation, and overall execution.

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What is the timeframe required for show preparation?

We recommend allowing a 3-month lead time before the show to ensure proper execution within the legal framework. Several factors are taken into consideration, including identifying and understanding the client's needs, followed by the creation, securing, and management of the show, as well as maintenance.

Where can I have my drone performance?

Drone shows are subject to specific regulations and policies. Typically, they need to be conducted in a spacious area with a flat surface and a safety zone of at least150 meters, such as a soccer field, beach, road, or parking lot. Before each drone show, we conduct a feasibility check, which includes a visit from our team to assess the designated location. For instance, having a body of water as the performance area can facilitate the implementation of the drone show.

What is the duration of the show?

From an artistic standpoint, a captivating drone show at Diffuse typically lasts between 8 and 12 minutes. However, from a technical perspective, it's important to note that drone performances cannot exceed 15 minutes due to battery autonomy. The actual show duration is influenced by various weather factors such as wind, temperature, humidity, and more.

What about the weather?

Favorable weather conditions to ensure a drone show are the lack of bad weather, extreme temperatures and high winds.

Which safety protocols do you follow?

For the execution of a drone show, authorizations must be submitted to the authorities. At Diffuse, an expert in aerial regulation will be pleased to assist you in these administrative formalities.

What types of events are suitable for a drone show?

At Diffuse, we specialize in turning imagination into reality by combining our artistic vision with our expertise to create and produce personalized drone shows. Our shows are designed to elevate various types of events, including inaugurations, corporate events, brand/product launches, public events, festivals, and even for viral communication purposes.

How many drones are recommended for my event?

The number of drones used in a performance greatly influences the creative possibilities and the visual and scenographic quality of the show. At Diffuse, we recommend a minimum of 100 drones to ensure a captivating experience. However, we can also create shows starting from 60 drones. It's important to note that the more drones you have, the more precise and intricate your scenography can be.

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