200 drones
14 minutes of show
Contemplative music
Narrative voice

"Métamorphe" was presented during the centennial celebrations of Etienne Oehmichen's historic flight on Saturday, May 4, 2024,in Valentigney.


Our creation, paying homage to the inventor, was meaningful, allowing the numerous spectators to become aware of the significant advancements made by Etienne in the pursuit of vertical flight. This show, built on a strong narrative thread, told the story of this illustrious inventor who never ceased to believe in his inspirations and dreams.


Narrative voice : Pierre-Alain de Garrigues

Music : Glóð -Sigur Rós | Choir To The Wild - Solomon Grey | re:member - Olafur Arnalds | ∞ - Coldplay

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City of Valentigney




L’Est Républicain


Valentigney : un spectacle de drones illumine la nuit en hommage à Oehmichen


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