150 drones
14 minutes of show
Narrative voice
Light effect

Resilience is a multidisciplinary creation that we presentedas part of Octobre Rose and La Strasbourgeoise. Our project is built around apoetic narrative thread, rich in emotions, harmoniously blending drone scenographies, lighting effects, and a distinctive sonic identity.

We are dedicated to delivering an emotionally resonant performance, built on a narrative thread that conveys a message of hope and determination in the face of the many challenges we may encounter throughout our shared existence. Resilience is a resonating creation, filled with love and sharing.

The narrative voice of the show was written by the Diffuse team and is beautifully delivered by the gentle voice of Evelyne Bernard, the patron of the 2023 edition of La Strasbourgeoise. The recording, on the other hand, was done in the studios of Top Music.

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BFM Alsace


« Octobre rose: des drones projetés dans le ciel strasbourgeois pour sensibiliser à la lutte contre le cancer du sein »


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