400 drones
10 minutes of show
Classic and contemporary music

Our creation, “La Nuit étoilée”, aims to craft an immersive artistic experience using lightning drones to recreate movements inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece “De sterrennacht” in the night sky.

The goal is to gradually construct the artist's painted landscape in the sky, marking an unprecedented artistic achievement in terms of height and magnitude.

 This metaphor associates inert art with drones to bring the canvas to life and convey the emotions Van Gogh sought to express. The show aims to deliver a message of hope and love beyond Earth by capturing the beauty and enchantment of a nighttime sky. The light choreography of the drones enlivens the sky, symbolizing the richness of human life and soul, both on Earth and in the heavens. Our creation also explores the duality between the end and the beginning of life, symbolized by a nebula of stars.

This project was realized in collaboration with the French company Drotek Events, specializing in the production of luminous drones.

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